We use facilities in Peterhead, Fraserburgh & Macduff


The indoor ship lift facility at Peterhead can accommodate vessels up to 44 metres in length, 25.2 metres high and up to a weight of 2000 tonnes.

Indoor Ship Lift

  • Accommodate up to 44 metre length ships
  • 25.2 metre height limit
  • 2000 tonnes capacity
  • All-weather
  • Quick turnaround times

Outside Berth Area

Peterhead harbour also features an outside berthed area which has the capacity to accommodate vessels of 47m in length and a 4 berthed slipway.


The ship lift at Fraserburgh harbour is capable of lifting vessels of up to 850 tonnes, 38m in length and can provide berths for 6 vessels.

Fraserburgh Ship Lift

  • Accommodate up to 38 metre length ships
  • 850 tonnes capacity
  • 6 vessel capacity

Fraserburgh dry dock offers a capacity to accommodate vessels of up to 66m in length and 14m wide. The slipway can accommodate vessels of up to 40m in length.


Macduff Harbour

We also have slipping facilities available in Macduff harbour.

  • 4 berth capacity
  • Accommodate 24m Length, 10m Beam, 5m Draught
  • 350T displacement


Buckie Harbour

  • Slipway 50T capacity
  • Paint booth 20m Length, 8m Beam